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Hello everyone! I really hope someone can help me. I live in Costa Rica and I have not been able to find a good mechanic... they are just costing me money and 2 months later I still have the same problem.

A few months ago I ran out of gas while driving twice. I was very busy during those days and was stupid and simply forgot to fill up on gas this may or may not be key to the problem.

Now, when I drive sometimes my quad will just stop in the middle of the road. At first the overheating engine light came on...
A fan was replaced that was broken.

a few days later, same issue....

a sensor was replaced and the computer replaced

this did nothing to help the situation

the quad got worse... it was stopping every few meters. My friends and I realized that everytime I turned right the quad would falter or stop. My mechanic noticed that an electric cable had come loose near the steering. That was plugged back in. The quad worked for a few days then started stopping again....

Today I tried to observe things on my own and noticed that I had the fuel selector set to "RESERVE" and not "ON." I must have been driving it like this the entire time I have had the quad. I turned it back to ON and now I am wondering... could driving on the reserve tank for months upon months be contributing to this issue?

What should I check? My thoughts are to check the filters. I live in a dusty place and that stuff has to be clogged at this point...

oil level is OK, but i might change the oil on it too since it is due for an oil change as well... not sure that that will impact the situation much

Any other thoughts?

Whenever the quad stops during these times the screen lights up with all of the lights- then goes dark... I thought that was meaningful but maybe it is just what happens when the quad dies.

I am sick of spending endless money on mechanics that don't know what they are doing. Hopefully you can help :)

Thank you!
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