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Rubicon 500 removed airbox lid, next step?

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Need some help guys :)
has removed lid on my rubicon, what is the next step?
anyway it is a awesome sound now:) but it doesn't run as good as it should, do i need to rejet?
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and one thing, it's snow here so your don't need to worry about a dirty filter
300%!?! ok, i can just put in on then, it's just to put the cover/the lid on agian, and then i go visit my dealer and let he do the job, thanks anyway ;)
yes, it get's to much air counter to fuel, thanks anyway:)
well, is see a lot of guys modify their rubicons, as exhaust, muffler and air-boxes, i'm not sure, but i remember i saw a guy in here or somewhere else that had made changes on his caburator, mine is a 2009 model and I want more power out of it, and thought that this mod would fit?
Well, as I have understood, you guys are talking about mine as a street legal quad? because it's not..
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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