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I had a similar issue with a starter shaft support bearing for my 350D. The small 6000 series bearing is pressed into the top of the starter reduction cover and supports the end of the starter drive gear/shaft.

The bearing I found in there was worn out, pitted and junk. I ordered a new OEM bearing and when I took it out of the package it felt like the balls in it had eight sides each... wasn't smooth at all. I looked in at the race and each ball with magnification and they all looked fine, so I washed it and blew it dry. Still felt the same... I was thinking its probably junk, like you are... So I oiled that new bearing with a few drops of fresh motor oil and then it felt just fine!

I think my issue is a cheap bearing and it will probably fail again someday. If I were you I would wash those new bearings in solvent, blow them out with compressed air and oil them. See if that makes them feel like good bearings...?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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