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Rotella Rebate

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For those who like the T6 Rotella, $7/gal rebate on it through the end of the year. Limit 4 per household.

Amazon had a $1.50 off coupon yesterday, so came out to about $14-15/gal after rebate.

Better Fuel Economy Meets Better Wallet Economy | Shell ROTELLA®
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Is T6 a full synthetic? I've never used Rotella in a bike or wheeler. I may try it because it is about half price of Mobil 1 and more than that for Amsoil.
Yep, the T4 is dino
T5 is synthetic blend (and NOT marked JASO MA so I don't use it in ATVs)
T6 is full synthetic.

I've started using the T6 in everything except new motors during break-in. Smoother shifts on my footshifts and the wife's Rancher AT, and the liquid cooled bikes seem to run a little cooler with the T6

For $14-15/gal it's a no brainer.
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5W40 is the only T6 around here.

On the one hand 40 weight seems a little heavy, but from what I've found on BITOG the 40 weight synthetics don't really flow like a 40 weight.

I haven't had any problems running the 5W40 here even on those mornings down in the teens and 20's when I head to the duck hole.
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