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Rolled, Rescued, Now to Repair

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Hi all!
well as the title implies, I'm having a pretty rough time. I got a 2000 honda fourtrax 300. I ended up rolling in on a mountainous trail a little while back and had to be searched and rescued out. During the roll, the ignition cylinder got busted out into pieces, brake throttles loosened, the steering column snapped in half, handlebars bent, and oil light busted out. Rescue team couldn't get her going, and ended up leaving it. Next day, went up with a friends wildcat 1000 and towed her off the mountain. Same friend works as an aircraft welder. He welded up the steering column and made one hopefully stronger than anything Honda makes. Now the fun part, trying to get her running to asses damage. I "hot wired" the ignition and get no neutral light/ no crank. I then tested the battery and checked fuses. All good. I then jumped the starter solenoid and she cranks like a bat out of hell, but does not start. This makes me think I have a faulty neutral safety switch?Does this sound correct? I pulled the cover for the neutral switch wires and it seems to be intact, how do I test it? But also, why won't she start ? Shes got good compression , gas, but what I would guess to be is no spark. Sorry, I cant test the spark, as I cant reach far enough to jump the solenoid and ground the spark plug at the same time. Unless someone knows a good technique. Where would y'all go next on this diagnosing adventure? Could it be the left handlebar choke/ kill switch? The choke lever snapped lightly but still can move, so i know it took some impact in the roll. Is there a way to bypass the kill switch to see if that/s the issue? How can I run through the entire ignition/ spark/ coil system to see where the issue is? Thank you guys for any advice you can offer me.

Best Regards!
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There is an ignition troubleshooting guide on page 20-4 of the manual
There’s no telling what it might be but yes thankfully you got it to start.

Did you replace the key switch with oem?
You can ohm out the kill switch but you’ll have to get into the switch chapter
I think you can swap the N and R cables or just swap the switches.
Careful! use a 7mm socket but grind down the outside of the socket—it won’t fit tightly unless you do and you’ll break off the ceramic every blinkin time
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