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rod will not go back in

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ok so i took the top off the engine on my 08 foreman 500 cause it was making a kncking noise. i checked the rods to see if they were bent or damaged and now one of them will not go back in. how do i get it to go back down?
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Perhaps he dropped the cam chain and it's bound up in the bottom of the engine??
Yeah I see that now but if he removed the Jug wouldn't the cam have to come out?
Gotcha! Darn utility never simple. well actually it's more simple just have to readjust the valves no cam to screw with. lol
Oh goody... lol sounds like fun. is the 250EX the same way? it's a longitudally mounted engine too. I have to do a topend on one the kid sank it and they got it running again but now it smokes like a freight train, I pretty sure he washed out the rings.
Cool this top end rebuild just got a little
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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