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Hello guys, I'm just about a nut away of throwing my 250x down a cliff. I've had my new 12:1 piston, webcam, rocker arms and cam chain installed. Checked if oil was rising (runned it with out valve covers and oil spat everywhere) Runned it for about an hour. It had a low ticking noise on the top, so we took apart the the top. Exhaust Rocker was worn! it looked like a triangle, two flat surfaces edged in the middle.... like this ^ !!! Intake rocker has no wear, neither does the webcam. Rockers have a small side to side wiggle (that's what I thought was the clicking sound).... After a no sleep night I'm wondering if my oil pump is not pumping with enough pressure... Anyone heard of something like this? Any thing I should check? I'm tired of throwing away money, what's the best I can do?
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