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Road Trip - unexpected finds

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so, spent the July 4th holiday weekend on a camping road trip for the wife -(she's rock hound - so a gem /mineral/fossil club digging weekend... Ended up on a club member's private farm over in Kentucky near Dansville? with geodes in his creek bed....but the day got a whole lot more interesting when I came across these old gems sitting in a lean-to shed...the blue is his parts bike, the red one actually still runs..does duty down in his creek when they go to gather up loads of the geodes...yes I had room in the truck to bring it back, but no, he wasn't interested in selling (sniff)..still, we had good chats about the bikes..and I was wishing I had tossed mine in the bed of the truck for the trip..woulda been nice to have it in the creek and save me the walking and the loading out of 5gal buckets full of rocks...the ol 1979 Honda Trail 90 did make the trip at least and enjoyed a nice ride along the KY river.

anyway..thought you guys would enjoy seeing some long lost 300s and knowing that there's at least one more out there still in use .


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nice looking bike !

mine is a 93 and was happy to find one in decent shape...and even at that..yep..brakes...I smile when I see the for sale on line and guys are asking $1500 - $2k plus..say they are in great shape.."just need brakes"..the local shop wants $1400 for brakes all around, new cables, and wheel bearings...making an old 300 close to as expensive as a much newer bike.
that said... I'm very happy with my old blue rig.
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leave an old Honda outside around here..and it'll belong to someone else before morning.

mine does need to move from the garage to the carport though at some point... I will get a longer steel cable and lock to shackle it to a post..but I definitey see a difference in health of a rig when it can live in my garage vs even out in a carport, let along under a tarp or just out in the sun and rain...
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