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rincon timing chain tensioner

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Will a timing chain tensioner from a 680 rincon fit a 650 rincon? Honda shows it as a different part number, but I dont know why it would be different. 2005 650, 2006 680. thanks.
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By looking at the parts microfiche, it appears that both tensioners are identical if the drawings are correct. It also appears that they use the same tensioner as the Fourtrax 300, which I think is the same tensioner that Honda uses with all their overhead cam engines. My guess is that it will work, but like Submarine, don't hold me to it.

I only have the 650 manual, so I can't really tell by that.
The tensioner from a 680 does work on the 650. it is the same, just for the record. Thanks again Submarine and Helmut.
You're welcome. We're glad to help.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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