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Rincon popping/clunking noise from rear

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It's a 2010 Honda Rincon 680 (bone stock except for some 26" mudlites) with about 115 hours on it and 585 miles. I've always cleaned it and taken care of it after every ride. Anyways, a couple weeks ago I went for a ride with some friends and noticed a pretty loud popping noise coming from the back right side of the atv. Took it home, cleaned it up and the noise went away. Took it for a few more rides since then and all was well until yesterday when it started popping again, but this time it didn't go away after washing it. So today I cleaned and regreased the axle hoping that would fix it, but nope. It's not a consistent noise either, only does it sometimes when turning, hitting bumps, etc. Also today I discovered that if I stop quickly with the front brakes, it doesn't make the noise. But if I stop quickly with the rear brakes it makes the popping noise. Tried jacking up the rear end and spinning the wheels to track down the noise, but when I did that it never made the noise. Saw some people saying that it's the rear brake and that this is normal for Rincons, but this atv has been in my family since it was basically brand new and it never did this till now. Any ideas?
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Wheel bearing or brakes are other possibilities... Guesses can't fix it so I'd take it apart and find out.
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