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Hey everyone, I figured if I'm gonna upload some videos on YouTube I'd share a link when I do. This is just my first video and not anything too special(not bad for using my phone). Just a clip of some trails north of me. Also some pictures of the wind mill farm below.

Subscribe and enjoy!!


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Global warming man (hippie voice)

I'm located in Fairfield/Waterville area. The video is from some trails between Solon and Bingham. Yeah snow hasn't been too good lately, for the exception of this last year. Good trails up in Jackmen, Bingham and Solon area. Trails there go everywhere!
I agree, always nice to put on the miles and have a good ride. Instead of the same old trails. Nice to go from here to there instead of here to here lol I've only been up there once. I have some really good local trails around me.
Man, that blows! I literally take a 5 min drive through my landlords property and I am on the main trail. I bet it makes it hard to even want to own an atv there. We would have so many more trails if they would open some of the snowmobile trails to the ATVs. But I have a ton of trails I can choose from each time I go out. It's nice we have a good variety around this area: wooded, fields, open dirt roads, mud and some sand pits. My buddy and me go out when we can. My dad just got a Polaris sportsman 500 ho so now the 3 of us go when we can.

I personally try to get out at least 3 times a week.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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