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Hey everyone, I figured if I'm gonna upload some videos on YouTube I'd share a link when I do. This is just my first video and not anything too special(not bad for using my phone). Just a clip of some trails north of me. Also some pictures of the wind mill farm below.

Subscribe and enjoy!!


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what part of Maine you in?
I have snowmobiled up in the Jackman Maine area a few times, , but sadly your winters haven't been so great, last yr was OK, but
snow has not been like it once was LOL
yeah snow has been far and few all over any more
last winter I had two snow falls, and yr before ZERO
and I used to get a lot of snow, but man last few yrs have just been snow free almost, and what does fall, is here today and gone tomorrow it seems

makes one owning snowmobiles a die hard owner!

Yes up that way lots of trail systems, yrs back used to run into Canada too, but , all the issue;s with theft on sleds, we stopped crossing the border to ride there, plus border crossings are more hassle now than yrs back, before Passport's were needed LOL

Been trying to get a buddy or two to make a ATV trip up there, but so far no takers, as way more time to ride and less issue's about needing GOOD snow to go , but guys here too cheap and lazy to go ride an atv up there it seems< rather drive around same old trails drinking beer going NO where, in small circles??
Don't get it, I'd rather travel and put some miles on , than keep riding the same circles,
but too far to go alone, and not as much fun either!
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your lucky Maine is a very friendly atv/snowmobile state
here in PA< were like outlaws to ride atv's almost zero legal places to ride and even fewer state trails

if you don;t own land here, your basically trespassing to ride

I'm a little lucky, I know a ton of land owners with a few thousand acres I can legally ride, but it grows old riding the same places, been riding them since the 70's
so I enjoy traveling more I guises than most guys
plus again, so many folks here are just too cheap to go any where, when they say, I can ride here for free??(yup till they get a fine LOL)

and I love the guys here that buy 15k machine's and still trespass to ride, over taking a trip and being legal and seeing sights and GOING some where
, here they ride like 3-4 miles, IF that, park and drink till drunk then ride home and call that riding ??

and that's all they want to do,
been trying for last 10+ yrs to get some to GO on a trip or?? and they refuse to.
IF there happy I guess??

but I don't get it LOL
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yeah honestly owning an atv here is a lot of work, and costs IF you want to be legal, which again so few do!
most guys here are lucky if they do 200-300 miles a yr, and all they do is basically ride and MAYBE plow a drive way, and they think this is a LOT of use LOL
I got into atv's 20+ yrs ago, when I could ride all day and never cross the same trail and was allowed to(coming off mx bikes , which I still enjoy I think more)
but then all the atver's started again traveling thru private lands hauling trash and beer bottles and cans every where making trails every where they felt like it, never asking permission, and well land owners had enough and posted everything that was once open to ride without issue's!
the fact land owners would get fined for the trash others dumped and they had to PAY to have it cleaned up or keep getting fines, didn;t help
add in all the hunters trespassing too, and it ruined a good thing we once had here for sure!

After the big land lock from being posted, I started using atv's mostly for work on farms , and for hunting only, or plowing snow, with some small trail riding at times,
I still rode my MB and street bikes more, as I been lucky to know enough land owners to have access to miles of trails, but I cannot take anyone with me most places, so, its like having places, but not a ton of fun after your not a young kid anymore to ruin alone
riding along gets boring, and well, I've had a few bad crashes that left me stranded for hours till some one happened by LOL to get me help!
so now I am older, I just don't enjoy riding alone much, street bike I still do at times, but not so much sleds or atv's/MX bikes

a blast behind my house(10,000 plus acres and about a 50 miles of SMALL loops you can see trails next to each other as you ride LOL) its ok to get it out of your system every now and then, but I been riding these same road/hills and such for almost 40 yrs, can ride them blindfolded I think at this point!
so, not as much fun as riding new places, alone or with folks?/

you guys that have so many riding area's are SPOILED, best advice I can give you, is learn to appreciate them, and follow the rules, NOT doing so will end up loosing them on you's

like so many find out, how you don't appreciate things till there gone!, and thats when its too late to change thing!
speed limits and closed trails for ?? suck, but better to wait and ride when you can than loose it all yr like we did here/

and the salt in the wounds here, PA has the MOST public land on the easy coast, literally millions of acres of state and federal lands, and 95% is closed to atv use, and ALL of it has raods on it that COULD be opened if wanted!

were forced to BUY a state registration, a LIC plate, have insurance, WEAR a helmet, and STILL we cannot ride legally any where but our own land?? WHAT a SCAM
but IF you want to be legal in PA, that's the price to pay!
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