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Reset MIL/Erase DTC on 2018 FourTrax Rubicon

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Hi all,

I've recently hit code 23 on the check engine light on my Rubicon. From what I understand this is a problem with the O2 sensor. The machine has less than one mile on it and I'm trying to do what I can to resolve it instead of driving hours to the dealer. I have cleaned the O2 sensor using a few methods and I'm prepared to replace the whole sensor if needed.

1. How can I reset the MIL/check engine light? I've tried disconnecting the battery, hitting the start button and waiting for 15 minutes.
2. Where is the DTC "dummy connector" on the 2018 Rubicon? I cant seem to find the brown/red and green connector the manual refers to (section 4-11) when using the "SCS service connector" to erase the DTC.
3. Will the MIL/check engine light go away on its own after installing a brand new O2 sensor or does it definitely need to be cleared to make the ECM happy?

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Once the problem is gone it will reset on its own. If the machine is under warranty, it may be worth the drive to get it checked out as it could be something more serious (expensive) like an ECU.
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