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Reset MIL/Erase DTC on 2018 FourTrax Rubicon

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Hi all,

I've recently hit code 23 on the check engine light on my Rubicon. From what I understand this is a problem with the O2 sensor. The machine has less than one mile on it and I'm trying to do what I can to resolve it instead of driving hours to the dealer. I have cleaned the O2 sensor using a few methods and I'm prepared to replace the whole sensor if needed.

1. How can I reset the MIL/check engine light? I've tried disconnecting the battery, hitting the start button and waiting for 15 minutes.
2. Where is the DTC "dummy connector" on the 2018 Rubicon? I cant seem to find the brown/red and green connector the manual refers to (section 4-11) when using the "SCS service connector" to erase the DTC.
3. Will the MIL/check engine light go away on its own after installing a brand new O2 sensor or does it definitely need to be cleared to make the ECM happy?

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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