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Place your fingers in the top inside of the goggle, and with the other hand, place your fingers inside the bottom of the goggle, above the nose piece.
Pull apart. Then pull the lens from the sides. ALWAYS PULL FROM THE INSIDE OF THE GOGGLES, DO NOT PULL ON THE NOSE GUARD.
To replace- slip left side of the lens into the left side of the goggle, in the slot.
Make sure it goes all the way in. Place the right side in the slot, again make sure it is all the way in. Align the top of the lens with the groove in the top of the goggle. Push the top of the lens into place. Make sure the bottom right and left are lined up with the grove, and push them in. Last- be sure the center bottom, of the lens, is lined up with the groove, and put your thumb on the goggle, just above the nose piece, and your index finger on the back side, just above the nose piece, then push the top and bottom together. Ensure that the nose piece of the lens is up against the front of the groove, when you push it together. Ensure that all edges of the lens are completely in place. I have been meaning to make a video of this, but have not had a look for it in the future.
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