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replacing rear joint assembly...

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I have an 07 honda rancher 420 maual shift 2wd... i broke my rear joint assembly... if anyone can provide some instructions on how to replace it i would appreciate it. i have only had it for about a year i bought it used from a dealer. I have added a scorpion street bike exhaust and 26" ITP mudlites and ITP SS rims.. TIA for any replies...
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Need some advice ..My 2007 420 has finally failed after much abuse. I'm going to have a pricey repAir this time. My u joint hasn't failed but the spline on the pinion gear/rear drive shaft are shot. I know I have to replace the drive shaft and pinion gear, but what about the u joint and boot? Any help would be appreciated.
it won't hurt to take a look at your u-joint..seeing how your gonna have it apart that deep into may as well inspect it..remove your swing arm..and take a for the boot..if it's not ripped apart..reuse it.
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