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I posted this on someone elses thread too and I probably should have just started my own thread, so sorry for double post.

I own a 1991 300fwd and a number of years back I welded the outer hubs to the rear axle as they had loosened up and worn the splines on axle and hubs. I'm currently repairing a stripped axle on a 2001 450s with a new ring gear and axle. Given my current visions of my own mechanical aptitude grandeur :D I'm thinking about getting a new axle with hubs for the 300 and repairing it properly too. On the 450s the diff seals actually seal against the ring gear sleeve. On the 300 without an axle tube on the left side, I know from the pictures above that, the "dust seal" seals the axle, but does it also seal the ring gear sleeve? I'm wondering if the diff grease is able to get to the axle/ring gear drive contact area.

I think my 450s went bad because the bearing and seal on the left axle tube went bad and let water in which corroded the axle/ ring gear splines. I'm thinking that if the grease in my 300 diff is clean it should indicate that there is good chance the axle/ring gear splines have a good chance of being good too. Given what I've learned on the 450s I know if the splines between ring gear and axle are worn at all it's best to replace both.

The 300 is up at the in-laws place where I hunt (100 miles north)........which is why I'd like as much info as possible before I venture north to tear into the repair.

Thanks - Dan

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I'm not sure if I completely understand your question, but I'll try and answer it and if that's not what you're talking about, then tell me and I'll try again. LOL.

On the 300, the ring gear has a sleeve that rides on the axles bearings in each side of the diff case. The seals don't actually seal on the axle, they seal on the sleeve of the ring gear. So, you can pull the axle out of the diff with gear oil still in the diff and it won't leak out. Also, no oil gets between the ring gear splines and the axle spines. If this isn't what you are talking about, let me know.
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