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Replacement Fuel Screw

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The fuel screw on my trx250x is a PITA to adjust and it likes to fall out. For a while, I've used high temperature tape under the carburetor to prevent the screw from rattling out, but I'm just tired of it. I've found a lot of these after market fuel screws for things like CRF150Rs, but I'm not sure it would work for a trx250x (2014). Does anyone know if the aftermarket screw pictured (bottom) would work, or if there is a similar one meant for the trx250x that would work? The original screw is the top one, but I'm sure you all knew that already (it isn't the exact one, but close enough).


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You can put a thin washer between the spring and the rubber o-ring to keep the spring from chewing the o-ring up, then clean the threads on the screw with alcohol real good and put a thin strip of green loctite on those threads. Let it dry then put it back in and adjust it. It won't ever move again until you turn it...
Can you modify the screw for an extended knob? If there is a lot of thick brass on the head, drill a small, shallow hole sized for a roll-pin in the center of it, put some JB-weld in the hole and tap a roll-pin into it. Then you can put any kind of adjuster knob onto the roll-pin stub sticking out that you want.
Great knowledge and advice SlammedRanger! Thanks for saving my butt after that bad suggestion! :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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