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Hey yall. So I'm at a loss. I have a 2014 rancher 420 auto dct (trx420fa1e) and the clutches wore out last year so I replaced them with oem parts. I replaced the centrifugal clutch and clutch disks, and once I replaced them the bike wouldn't move. It would bog down like if I was in 5th. So I took it back apart and checked everything again per the repair manual and found no issues. Put it back together and now it'll move, but only has what I believe is two forward gears (because when the display shows a higher gear the rpms don't really change like if you were to shift into a higher gear) and reverse and when I get it to shift into 5th it'll act like it's in neutral and not move. The display will show 1st up to 5th but not actually change in the actual transmission. I think it's in the 2nd, 4th and reverse shift, safe mode or something. I checked for dtc's using the connector in the front of the bike and have none. I did some random tests from the repair manual for some of the solenoids and sensors and they lead to replacing the pgm-fi. But I don't see how that could all the sudden be the issue just from replacing the clutches. Plus that's an expensive part to replace and it not be it. Lol. At this point I'm lost and have no clue what else to test or look at. Thank yall for any help.

Side note: oil level is good and correct oil for wet clutch, but have not checked the pressure due to not having the tools to due so. And battery is also fully charged.
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