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I've got a Honda rancher 350 that I just replaced the top end on. I was setting the timing and the little cap got stripped so I had to cut a slit in the it to get it off. so now the o-ring wouldn't sit entirely flush with it because of the slit. The cap is $20 brand new and I can't find any used ones.
I also broke a bolt for the valve cover. with is also too expensive to order.

I have some permatex high tempature gasket maker/ sealant. Can I put a very, very generous coat of that around the valve cover and fill the bolt hole with it?
And can I put a very generous coat of hondabond case sealant on the o-ring and cap and call it okay?
I usually ride this bike like a boat so I need it waterproof

UPDATE: About an hour after posting this, someone called me and told me they had the parts I need.

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never...EVER...use rtv sealant !!. hondabond or yamabond..nothing else should EVER be used on a atv or motorcycle motor.....EVER !.
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