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Repairing a foreman 450 rear end.

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As an intro, I have changed and rebuilt lots of fourtrax 300 and a couple foreman 500 rear ends, but this will be my first foreman 450 rear end rebuild. The bike in questions is a 2001 foreman 450 4x4 ES. I have not looked at the bike in person yet, as it is still at my buddies house. I know I will need a rear axle, ring gear and bearings.

The question is when I look up the ring gear for the 01 is says it only comes as a set with the pinon gear Now if you look up a 03 it says you can buy the ring gear separately.

Are there really differences between the foreman 450 rear differential between 98-2004? I know a 03 brand new complete rear differential is $311 and the 01 is $412. At the cheaper price I may just save time and replace with new oem.

Thanks in advance
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They're more than likely the same. Look at the tooth count and case halves and see if any of the parts interchange.

An 05-11 Foreman 500 or 01-14 Rubicon diff should be the same was well.
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