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Removing Exhaust From Honda Foreman 350d

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Guys I have a bad exhaust on my 88 foreman. I am wanting to remove it. I removed the mounting bolts and the bolts where it goes into the header pipe. Is there something else I should be doing to make it come off easier?
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It may be corroded into the head, quite a common issue in the U.K. IIRC there are the bolts into the head, one connecting the header to the muffler and possibly one holding the header to the frame. If you have them all undone and it still won’t budge start the motor up and let it get hot, get some good welding gloves on and wiggle/twist it. If that doesn’t work then you have two options, proceed with caution and apply penetrating oil over a few days or use brute force and ignorance!
If you take your time it will come of quite easily, frustration makes these kind of jobs worse at times. You’ll find a copy of the factory service manual under the sub-section ‘manuals and schematics’ in this forum, that should help identify the amount of bolts holding it on and the correct removal procedure.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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