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Removing Exhaust From Honda Foreman 350d

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Guys I have a bad exhaust on my 88 foreman. I am wanting to remove it. I removed the mounting bolts and the bolts where it goes into the header pipe. Is there something else I should be doing to make it come off easier?
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more than likely the old muffler at the gasket is rusted over, it will take some doing with some wd-40 or whatever you use ?, squirt in in around the gasket and flange, do some prying, work the muffler off the header pipe. sometimes they can be a pain to get off if they have never been removed in the past ?. but the muffler will come off !. just takes some twisting and pulling, a few curse words here and there, big hammer, lots of blood, sweat , and tears !
Well thanks for the help. I got it off. I didn't realize there was a hidden bolt behind the frame cover. I put the cobra on and ended up cracking it where the bolt hole is in the front. I may see if I can get it welded. Anyone have a line on a good stock exhaust?
ebay will be your best bet, or a salvage yard :). be warned !..even used mufflers for your model on ebay will not be cheap !. why ?, cuz they know they are discontinued, and if you want it bad enough ?, then they can charge high dollar.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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