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I have a 2001 honda recon that was running like a charm since i go it. A few weeks ago, it started sputtering, back firing and eventually cutting off after about 10 minutes of riding. After waiting a while, it would start back up, but still seem like it's not getting enough gas. I thought it was the Carb and replace with a OEM unit and it's still doing the same thing. After the first time of doing this, I pulled the plug and it had a lot of black sutt on it (new plug). It will sit and idle with no issues, but if I ride it, it starts doing the same thing after about 5-10 minutes. I've read forums and it noticed mentions of the breather hose or petcock.

I guess my question is, is there a way to trouble shoot either or perhaps another issue? Grateful for any information to resolve issues.

Thanks in advance!

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I will suggest the following!
I would strongly suggest dumping the fuel out of the tank,(also make sure tank vent is working properly)
and making sure tank is clean, drain into a clear container, if you find dirt and stuff in fuel that was in tank, odds are your NEW carb is now dirty!
over the yrs dirt will find its way into MOST tanks and start to cause issues down the road!

NEXT will be checking to make sure fuel is flowing good out of tank/peacock
so again, drain some of the fuel out of tank thru peacock into clear container, if flow is NOT strong, you have some blockage going on
ethanol fuel SUCKS< and over time again, it coats parts with a varnish like coating, this coating can be thick or thin, can effect flow out of peacock as well as thru fuel lines
it can also flake off and dirty up a clean carb!
SO< if your going to drain tank, clean and make sure peacock is flowing fine, REPLACE the fuel line from tank to carb
do this and then, pending what you find, RE clean NEW carb
ALL fuel related issues will be gone of done right!
then make sure air filter is clean and breathing right!

this is NOT a new atv, SO< I would as above stated, adjust/inspect the valves
BUT I would also suggest a compression test too, low compression will effect running's when HOT
I will also suggest removing the CDI< and cleaning its connections and adding some dielectric grease to things!
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