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Recon 250 wont start

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Ok I have a 2016 Honda recon es it turns over but will not start I have replaced coil pack, spark plug, battery, and cdi. Im down to testing the kill switch how do I go about bypassing the kill switch to see if that's my issue.
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Have you verified that it does not produce any spark at the spark plug?
Are you going to be working on it now? Or is someone else working on it?

Explain how the bike quit running... did it stall suddenly? Fail to start? Need those details...

Reasons for these questions are; gotta try to learn whether we are chasing a spark, fuel or mechanical issue. And so far I'm a doubting thomas. LOL

Did the last trip (last time the bike ran) take place a long time ago?

Does it have fuel in the tank that contains Ethanol? Is the fuel in the tank older than 6 weeks?

Are all parts on the bike genuine OEM Honda parts? New NGK spark plug in it?

Thanks for bearing with me.
There is a 2011 Recon service manual available linked from the manuals forum:

I imagine that not much has changed on those bikes up to 2016... it might be quite helpful. Read the ignition section and the switches section for troubleshooting steps and other info. You'll need a decent multimeter.

Let us know what you find out.
Do you see that green wire connector on this parts fiche?

If not, that wire might belong to an addon accessory?

Were all of the parts that you replaced genuine OEM Honda parts? You didn't put a cheap china CDI on it did'ja? That would explain it...


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That makes sense... the ignition systems on Recons are AC-CDI, so the primary voltage is grounded to shut the ignition off. Check the ignition switch and kill switch for proper operation per the manual in the switches section. One of those is probably at fault. Keep us updated if you can.


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