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Recon 250 wont start

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Ok I have a 2016 Honda recon es it turns over but will not start I have replaced coil pack, spark plug, battery, and cdi. Im down to testing the kill switch how do I go about bypassing the kill switch to see if that's my issue.
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I was told it’s getting intermittent spark but not sufficient enough
Me and my friend are working on it he is a vehicle mechanic. I had left it outside and was running perfect on last trip went to move it inside garage and would not start turns over fine checked battery and replaced the above parts since then and still won’t start last trip was just a ride on hunting trail no incidents
Last trip was about 3 weeks ago maybe 4 new ngk plug the other parts came from a dealer so I assume oem I drained tank and put fresh gas in it about a week ago before tried starting
I am really thinking it’s the kill switch on handle bars but I don’t know how to bypass it
There is a green wire next to the plug for kill switch anyone know that is for
As soon as I unplugged that green wire bike started fine just wondering what that can be connection almost looks like a fuse holder
That’s what confused me to fig it is a ground but to where
it appears to be the ground for ignition traced it some more today on diagrams.


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Replaced ignition and problem solved. On separate note was problem before switching from reverse to neutral any ideas
1 - 10 of 19 Posts
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