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rebuilding a carb??????

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how hard is it to rebuild a carb for a 1993 honda 300, or is it even worth doing?
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ahh ok i got this honda 300 form an old friend with swamper vampire tires on it already for $300 timing chain was only known problem, but it hasnt been cranked in 6 years so im replacesing timing chain, rings, and gaskets in engine for starters then ill move on to other probs, but i figured not bad buy tires worth that much alone.
yeah im gonan put a kn filter on it unless yall knwo of a better quality brand.
as far as the tank its been empty for sometime with the lid still on it im gonan fill with gas and i was told to add a few rocks shake up vigoursly to shake and break up any rust still laying inside then drain and repeat as nessecary
so we will see lol, i dont think it even has a gas smell in it anymore
lol it is all torn apart right now, i may get soem its on a stand motor almost taken apart lol and most plastics off lol
well i run in deep mud, ill try soem and see which performs the best.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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