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Rear shock fourtrax 300 4x4 1993

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Hi i want know what is the difference between a rear shock of a 4x4 trx 300 and 2x4 trx 300??For me the rear of the 2x4 is the same rear of the 4x4??I dont understand why some online seller sell rear shock for the 2x4 trx300 and say that the shock will not fit on the 4x4.Why???
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Most sellers on used parts won't go into fitment because someone will invariably say "but you said it would fit and it doesn't" and then the seller is on the hook for shipping both ways and a refund.

So it's a CYA move. "This was removed from a X. I cannot verify that it will fit any other bike"
shoot, most times sellers ( spec on ebay ! ) don't know crap !..lmfao. been there, done that with some of them. half the products they try and sell ?, THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE FREAK IT FITS !..LMFAO. wanna see stupid ppl ?, just two days ago, some dummy listed a old school ( like my '89 ) trx350 foreman on CL's as a trx450 forman !!!. some folks have noooooooooo damn idea what they got !!!.
I saw that! Guy over around Memphis? Wanted $500 for it?

I asked him a couple of questions and he said he'd get me more pics and info , and then the ad disappeared.
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