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Rear Seat on 87 honda fourtrax 250

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I was just curious if anyone has added a rear seat to a fourtrax 250. The rear rack is obviously missing some bars in the middle so that would cause a lot of sag for the seat... wasn't sure on the best way to make that work and then I was wondering what seat would really work on the back of it for cheap (probably going to use a soft bag since the hard plastic ones are 200 +)
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would also like to get input on what to do about the footpegs ? any aftermarket floor boards suggestion or better pegs?
I'm sorry what I meant was they are too freaking tiny for a passenger to have any room is there any floor boards that would work that you know of ?
This would be (IMO) perfect with a bit of moding, i have one of these one my 350d tank, also I'd add steal mesh to the bottom for better pertection .

Vintage NOS Cambridge 1984 Honda TRX 200 Four Trax Brush Guard Skid Plate Rack | eBay
thats more of what im talking about lol thanks I'll see what i can do! hopefully just some drilling and tapping is necessary! I'll look around for some wire mesh I'm pretty unfamiliar with that sort of stuff tho lol

EDIT- Price range holy crap! nevermind lol I'll do a bit more looking
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You want foot pegs for the person on the rear seat? Or just footpegs? I used folding pegs for a sailboat mast, the black version of these:

I made a fiberglass panel along the rear fenders, using the fenders as the mold (12 layers, 2" wide) and then bolted the folding pegs to this when it was cured. Gives a lot of stability to the rear rider. Handles were 1" rounds, but I would use larger next time - 1 1/2".

Riding is much more stable if the rear weight is inside the rear axle, and grossly unstable if it is not. Rear rack is designed for 120 lbs, but not a rear rider. Any bump, even at 10-15 mph can flip you back, and quickly.
Okay I'll keep this in mind lol my fiance who will be the only person riding with me down the river weighs a max of 105 but I understand the possibilities of wheelies and everything .. going through the water and everything the more weight helps tho and I don't go fast with it.. its like an old lumber wagon lmao. I'm just trying to find a cheap easy way to put a cheap rear seat on the back and keep it safe for feet positioning for her.
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