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Rear Seat on 87 honda fourtrax 250

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I was just curious if anyone has added a rear seat to a fourtrax 250. The rear rack is obviously missing some bars in the middle so that would cause a lot of sag for the seat... wasn't sure on the best way to make that work and then I was wondering what seat would really work on the back of it for cheap (probably going to use a soft bag since the hard plastic ones are 200 +)
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This would be (IMO) perfect with a bit of moding, i have one of these one my 350d tank, also I'd add steal mesh to the bottom for better pertection .

Vintage NOS Cambridge 1984 Honda TRX 200 Four Trax Brush Guard Skid Plate Rack | eBay
Yeah, I agree on THAT price, I've bee watching this one for a while n hoping the price would come down some, never can tell when another nos (new old stock) will pop up.


Check out the top 3 listings....
@87Fourtrax25 sent you a PM let me know what you think about those foot rest.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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