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rear drive train seal

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ok i ordered my parts got em in and i cant seem to understand if this is the part i need or another part.

the part i got is number 17 on the diagram but im thinking part 18 might2 be what i need, does the oil get stopped by part 17 or part 18?
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Is that diagram supposed to be a rear differential for a Honda 300 utility?
I'm thinking you need #18. I think #17 sits on the front side where that little plug is. I thought yours was a 4X4. That diagram looks like it's showing a 2 wheel drive. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you need #18 if it's leaking where the U-joint slides up on the output shaft.
This diagram shows the 4X4 side cover. It's the one on the bottom. In this diagram # 22 is the one you need.

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I'm pretty sure #22 on the diagram that I posted is the one you need. That is the same microfiche that Honda uses on there computers, so it will be #22 on their diagram. At least it's the same microfiche that they use at my local dealer. The reason I know this is because I've had to look at the diagrams on their computers before and find the part that I needed, when they didn't know what I was talking about.

Those 4 parts listed at the bottom, right corner of the diagram I posted, are the only parts different on that side cover on the 4X4 models.(#4, #9, #17, #21)
just to save you some trouble down the road, you may as well replace all of your seals in the output shaft..front to back if yours is 4x4, your going to have it tore down, you may as well kill all your birds with one stone, up to you though.
That would be a good ideal.
If this is the oil seal that you need, it is #22 on the diagram that I posted and #18 on the diagram that you posted.

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