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rear drive train seal

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ok i ordered my parts got em in and i cant seem to understand if this is the part i need or another part.

the part i got is number 17 on the diagram but im thinking part 18 might2 be what i need, does the oil get stopped by part 17 or part 18?
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its for my 300 fourtrax i have oil leaking out of my rear of my engine where the rear shaft slides over the shaft comeing out of back of motor which i believe is the rear drive train.
yeah its a 4x4 and that looks correct i had trouble at the honda dealership trying to get this part, they didn't even know what i was talking bout.
guess i can try this 1 and see if it works if not ill order the other lol they didnt have any clue at all what i was even looking for
yeah thats it the rubber seal isnt even there at all lol its completely gone i had a to peel a lil off but ill replace that for now and see how it does.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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