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Rear Differential and Seal Replacement - 2013 Rancher

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Hello all, first time poster here. I've got a 2013 Rancher 420, 2x4, manual shift. I love the thing to death, I've done a lot to it such as a winch, custom strobe light package; it's my second baby behind my car. Well, I've noticed recently that my rear differential has started to leak around the point where the axle exits the differential on the left side. I can order the kit with new bearings and seals and do it myself, I just need to know how to do it. Anyone here done this repair themselves?

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That is a straight forward and nice little project. To get a copy of the service manual, go here and download what you need.

If it were me, I would change all the bearing, seals across the entire axle and start fresh. Also this is a great time to give the brakes a "honest" assessment as well. Do remember, the rear end differential takes hypoid oil, so that is readily available at many different stores, see the service manual for details. We are help to help along the way.....
I'll go download the service manual. I am having trouble with my rear brakes, They grab, but I think the cable is stretched. Way too much slack. I've tried adjusting them and never can get it right.
This is the perfect time to address anything attached/working with the rear end. I would carefully take all apart and then make a parts list, because you are likely to find few other gremlins when surgery begins, LOL....
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I do like the Yellow color...
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