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Hi guys,
I strongly suspect that the rear diff on my '95 Fourtrax 300 is on it's way out as it's making a strange noise.
I've replaced the diff fluid and did not see much in the way of metal fragments or filings and no water was present.
So, I'd like to tear it down and rebuild it.
Just wondering what I can expect to replace...I'm thinking that the spider gears and seals will all need replacing and might as well get a new drive shaft or will that depend upon inspection for wear?
Anyway, I just acquired this little marvellous machine (knowing the diff was worn) and it's been an absolute solid machine aside from the diff issue mentioned above so I want to get at it.

I really appreciate the advice, feedback etc.... thank you

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chances are , you will need a new rear axle, new ring gear, new pinon gear, all new bearings and oil seals. a tool to remove the large lock nut that holds the pinion gear in the case. your biggest fear ? getting the pinion needle bearing out of the case !!..gawddd I hate but they will come out !!. you can use a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 square tubbing to remove the large pinion gear lock nut, but you will either need a blind bearing puller tool to get the pinion needle bearing out ?, or..go old school, do some drilling, a long drift punch, and tap the bearing out from the carrier bearing side, won't be easy as that though ?! still have to remove that pesky wire clip that is around the pinion needle bearing !!!..yes..look down in that tiny hole where the pinion needle bearing rest in the case...see that wire that is in the center of the bearing ?, its almost round, it wraps around that bearing, which holds it in, so honda says ?? that wire clip HAS to be removed before you go tapping on the backside of the bearing !!!..IF YOU DON'T GET THAT WIRE OUT ?, YOU WILL BUST THE CASE THATS AROUND THE BEARING !!!.
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