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bearing goes in from inside from differential. there is a dust seal, snap ring, then bearings. the seal ( bearing race seal ) faces inward, and outward. in other words, this bearing is considered a double roll bearing ), or two bearings stacked in the backing plate. when you unbolt the backing plate from the swing arm, you will see a large o-ring, a dust seal, snap ring, then your bearings. you can only tap them down until they '' seat '' inside the backing plate. pretty simple job to replace them. hammer the bearings out once you pry the dust seal out, snap ring. clean the bore up some, grease the bore and bearing, hammer it down with the seal facing down, then grease the next bearing, hammer it down in the backing plate with the inner seal facing up, then put the snap ring in, then dust seal, bolt it back on. also, now would be a good time to remove the brake cam, clean the bore up, wire brush the brake cam, some grease on the cam and bore, install back in after you bolt the backing plate back on. pretty simple to do all this.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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