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rear brake help

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ok so two problems

1. my rear caliper wont go down when i use my c clamp.

2. my brake foot lever is very hard to push down and it wont receive back

help haha thanks
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Welcome to the forums. Have you tried loosening the bleeder screw on the caliper? Loosen the bleeder screw and try to push it in with the c-clamp. If it still won't go in, you're probably going to need a new caliper.

The piston being seized in the caliper is probably why the brake pedal is hard to push. Also, the brake pedal may need to be taken off and rust cleaned off the shaft that the brake pedal goes on and greased.
thank you! and where is the bleeder screw exactly? and how should i go about greasing the shaft? just take it apart?
It should be somewhere on the top of the caliper. You didn't say what kind of ATV you had, but the picture below shows two calipers and I have circled the bleeder screws. The bleeder screws may or may not have the rubber covers, sometimes they get torn off.

And yeah, just remove the brake pedal, clean the rust off with some sandpaper or emery cloth and grease the shaft, before putting the pedal back on.

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just tried the bleeder. still wont go down. :(
A new caliper will probably be the best bet, or a used one from Ebay, the piston is seized.
What shaft? Are you talking about the shaft that the brake pedal goes on?
like on the pedal opposite end of where your foot goes it like gets stuck and very hard to push and wont return to normal
Are you talking about the master cylinder, the part that the back of the brake pedal attaches to? It could be seized up.
Does it look something like this?

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Yeah, that's the master cylinder. If the brakes haven't been used in a while, it's probably trying to seize up.
how should i go about fixing this? just some spray lube and work it in by moving it up and down?
I doubt if that will work. You can get rebuild kits for them, but if they're seized or about seized up, they're usually in such a bad shape on the inside that's it's better to just go ahead and buy another one. You can usually find them on Ebay pretty cheap.
alright ill have to take a look at them. thanks for all your help! im sure ill be asking for more help in the near future!
You're welcome, glad to help.
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