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rear brake drum

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this time it's my papa's 03 foreman 450es. can't get the drum off. i've loosened up the cables, and have basically disconnected them. however the shiny thing that holds onto the cables will barely move. i have to use a hammer to get that thing to move, perhaps it is connected to the brake cam?
Well anyhow, is there an o-ring in front of the brake drum like on the 300's??
Another thing, this drum doesnt have any holes in it to push the pads down below the drum lip!!!!:icon_ cry: What do i need to do?? Thanks guys. Tim.
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pad are still stuck on the outer lip of the drum... :wacko:
GOT THE DRUM OFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!:icon_ peace:
you aint lyin. first honda drum i've been able to successfully remove LOL.
Pads werent bad at all, but i went ahead and replaced them with some new ones. Brake dust everywhere in there. Brakeleen did good cleanup though. New pads fit nicely. The source of my troubles was that the brake cam was froze. I knocked it out with a punch, cleaned and greased, and it was perfect good to go. I did have some trouble getting the brake line holder that connects to the cam, back in the right position. Ideally i wanted to get back where i had plenty of room for adjustment, but i believe most of that problem is within the brake cables themselves. Who knows, but now they'll lock up on dry pavement, so im happy. Papa didnt want to ride his bike to the deer stand without some good rear brakes. Made my day when i got the drum off though. One thing i forgot to do was to grease the splines before i put the drum back on:sad:. I dont think it'll be too bad without grease being that i greased the rest of the axle real well. Hopefully not anyway. The real culprit to gettin those drums off is the ring that rides within the drum. It'll deform a bit and then the shoes will hang on that ring... I found if i tightened the brakes up quite a bit, put the bike in gear and heat the drum up, it will come off alot easier, once you loosen it quick like. Anyhow, im happy, and he'll be happy. After all he wont have to take the thing to the shop a pay a 1 double naught to have pads put on it. TGIF! tim.
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you got any pictures for the front drum brakes on that same 450 foreman ES 03' model? Got the front drum shoes, springs, clips and everything off and cleaned. I just can't remember if the big part of the springs are outside or inside the shoes at certain places. I know the actual spring (the round wide part) goes a certain way, i've got that written down, just dont know for sure about the other. Thanks, helmut.
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