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Rear axle housings interchangeable?

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I recently acquired a '94 TRX300FW in pretty rough shape. I am needing a rear axle housing and have found several on ebay and elsewhere for decent prices however they are all for different years 2wd and 4wd. Although some sellers have said they'll fit all years, the OEM part numbers are different. Which rear axle housings can I use for my '94? Thanks.
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Welcome to the forums. Ive heard the same thing that they will interchange. I would get a guarantee to work if you buy one.
It looks like different models will work It looked like the one on my 1990 300 fourtrax. To me they look the same.
Its kinda like the auto industry they have different part numbers but some things will interchange. I would get a guaranty to work or fit just in case.
From 88 to 92 they are the same and from 93 to 99 they are the same But they did say that the rear housing is the same on all them models.
It looks like you have been busy.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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