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Rear axle housings interchangeable?

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I recently acquired a '94 TRX300FW in pretty rough shape. I am needing a rear axle housing and have found several on ebay and elsewhere for decent prices however they are all for different years 2wd and 4wd. Although some sellers have said they'll fit all years, the OEM part numbers are different. Which rear axle housings can I use for my '94? Thanks.
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1993-1994 TRX300fw 4X4 and 4X2 Carry the same rear Axle Housing. You are reffering to number 15 right??

This Is the 2WD parts break down also.
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IF that is all that's wrong with it I would simply take the quad to a reputable welding shop that's an easy fix for them. and less costly that houshing is about 180.00 bucks.
The 1991 and 1992 housings do appear to have different part numbers as well as 1995 and 1996 have different numbers but 2wd and 4wd are the same for any year model that i looked at 91-96. But seriously I'd fix that one. Snap a pic of it and post it let me see how bad it is?
WOW where was that quad ??? at the bottom of the Ocean??? man that rusty!!! I'd still fix it but that's me. I weld and make things all the time because I can't aford to buy the things new sometimes.
I agree ^^ Mine geta a bath after every ride but Im that way with my cars too if it rains and I get it muddy i rinse it off when I park it, OCD...LOL
Nah Your ok I think.
Great!! post some progress pics up
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