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Rear axle housings interchangeable?

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I recently acquired a '94 TRX300FW in pretty rough shape. I am needing a rear axle housing and have found several on ebay and elsewhere for decent prices however they are all for different years 2wd and 4wd. Although some sellers have said they'll fit all years, the OEM part numbers are different. Which rear axle housings can I use for my '94? Thanks.
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Yes, #15 is what I need. So will housings from other year 300's definitely not fit? I realize they are different part numbers but I have been told they will fit anyway. The reason I need a new one is because the lower shock mount is rusted badly and there isn't much left of it. I'd be afraid to take it on a hard trail ride.
Mud99, they do look the same and even though they have different part numbers I kinda figured they'd interchange I just wanted to verify. I can get one of these used in good shape on ebay for around $20 + shipping, there just isn't one out there for a '94 right now.

TRX2fiveO, I figured worst case scenario if I bought a different year model housing and it wasn't the same I could cut the bracket from it and weld it to my old housing. I do have the fab skills, I'd just like to be able to buy one and bolt it on.

Photo is below. I can easily bend the ears with one finger.

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WOW where was that quad ??? at the bottom of the Ocean??? man that rusty!!! I'd still fix it but that's me. I weld and make things all the time because I can't aford to buy the things new sometimes.
It came from someone in my family. Needless to say it wasn't very well taken care of. That's what happens when you take it in the mud and don't clean it afterwards. Not to mention it spent a lot of time on the gulf coast soaking in the salt spray. The more I dig into it the more I find that needs repairing/replacing. It breaks my heart considering how much I take care of my own stuff. If it'd been mine from day one it'd been dirty but in MUCH better shape than this....:frown:
From 88 to 92 they are the same and from 93 to 99 they are the same But they did say that the rear housing is the same on all them models.
Thanks, I went ahead and bought a used one from a '97 2wd this morning. Sounds like it should work on my '94 no problem. I'll update here either way when I get it.
Just realized this probably should have been posted in the TRX forum. Mods feel free to move.
FYI, I got the used one from the '97 and although I haven't put everything back together yet (waiting on a seal) it appears to be identical.
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