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Rancher won’t start

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I could really use some help 2010 rancher won’t do anything neutral light won’t come on can’t get it to crank at all please help
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Sorry everyone it’s a 2010 - 420rancher new battery headlights and tail light comes on but nothing else no neutral light it was my grandfathers it has maybe 5 hours on it.
I can’t get it to do anything I did try starting from solenoid and it cranked but that’s it !
I really want to go riding kinda stuck no way to haul it to a Honda shop please bare with me I don’t even know exactly how this forum works and yes I am a girl .
Oh and it’s a foot shifter no clutch
I unplugged everything and still nothing all fuses are good it started fine two weeks ago I parked it and now it won’t start
Also tried bypassing the neutral light from green wire with red stripe got nothing
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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