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Hi folks, I need a new utility quad for working around my hobby farm and want to test my assumptions around what to look for. I prefer a good used machine as it won’t look pretty for long. I see articles from 2014 that talk about how many combinations of features you could get in the rancher, but now it seems more limited? I’d been hoping to find a swing arm model (for frequent towing) with power steering (my wife drove the neighbours and, well...), and if that DCT were up to utility use, it sounds good to me. Today I have an ‘03 Suzuki Eiger 400 that’s been a tank. Cannot kill the engine but I did finally bust the frame. One thing it has that I really like is low range. I push snow a lot (500-ft driveway and I prefer the bike over my old tractor unless it’s a real heavy dump of snow). So, what in the Honda stable would those in the know select?
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