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Rancher steering stem bushing

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2002 Rancher 350. Ever since I've put this machine together the top steering stem bushing has been very tight and hard to turn. In the parts fishe it doesn't show any spacers between the mounts of the 2 halves of clamp that holds it in place but i stuck a small washer in between on both sides and it solved the problem. I haven't been able to figure out why it's like that and it makes me crazy. Anyone else came across this issue ?
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Actually had the exact same problem with this Rubicon I'm putting back together.

I did the same thing you did; found a couple of small, very thin shims in my "bolts, nuts, shims, misc engine stuff" bin and put them between the clamps, while putting a heavy coat of synthetic grease on the bushing. Turns now with practically no effort.
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