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Rancher or Fourtrax

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Like the title say what is the difference... i just like to know were to comment in which thread...
this what i own 2013 TRX420PG fourtrax AT Canadian Trail Edition with GPS and power steering and switchable auto or ESP...and 2WD 4WD
So is it still consider a rancher..thank in advance..
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Nothing significant other than stickers and reflectors for the Canadian market. Yours would be the same as a Rancher in the states.
So did the rancher come with IRS....
Yes the Rancher AT was/is IRS just like the Fourtrax AT. They later made the DCT solid axle models as Ranchers as well.
Basically regardless of the name on the side of it your model codes will typically be the same in the US and Canada. A TRX420FE is the same US vs. Canada, except for the stickers and reflectors on the racks. Unfortunately the exception is with your machine being a CTE and because the GPScape was never offered on the 420 in the US. That being the major difference the closest model in the US would be the TRX420FPA. The difference between the TRX420FPA and FPG being the GPSCape and maybe some other very minor things being yours is a CTE, but as far as fitment of parts or interchangeability there would be no issues there. I'm not even sure what the difference was with the 420 CTE, I know the Rubicon CTE had different shocks on it as well at the GPS, but I really don't remember anything about the Fourtrax CTE that stood out.
There is a link to the service manual on the forum somewhere, it will show you in there how to get the rear brakes apart. I think yours has the single disk on the driveshaft like my Rubicon has?
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