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Rancher Newbie - Permision to come aboard?

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Hello everyone , just bought a 2009 Rancher ES with power steering brand new , i think i may of over paid for it tho because i had nearly $8,000 in it counting the Warn 2500# winch and 48" snow plow

So anyway i put the winch on today and what i did was use a posi-tap and tapped into ING wire under the fuse box , it was the far back left hand wire , thats only hot when the key is on , works great just wanted to make sure that was ok?

also how does the winch know when to stop ? will it just try to pull the hook into its self and break something?

Another Q for ya...

do you have to get the box if you get the HMF pipe or can you just get the pipe ?

been riding quads all my life , grew up on a 125M 3 wheeler and dad had to bring home 5 gallons of gas every day all summer for years .
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new to the forums, an hate to be critical right off , but ,dieselminded, i used those taps on my fleet a lot , and they are great , and rarely break stands , but , they are far from waterproof , just something to consider . i now use heat shrink self-soldering butt spices with a waterproof resin that oozes out when heated, and they make step-down sizes too , we get them from imperial. they have a solder ring in them that melts with use of heat guns and the resin seals them off from moisture.
btw, i love the white , i still got od green, always been too conservative for colors that stand out , but its sharp !
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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