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Rancher hub problems

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I have a 2010 Honda rancher es 2x4. It has 7000 miles but I have taken good care of it. At about 5500 miles the hub went out so I got one from the salvage yard and replaced it. Now I think both hubs are going out. I can tighten them and they will quit for 100 miles but then start again. Should I get 2 new hubs or will I need to fix something else on it?
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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like your axle might be the problem. If the axle splines are worn any hubs you use are not going to work.

I've got an axle in the shop that had iffy splines on one end. They didn't slip at all, (I noticed them when I took the rear end apart to replace the diff bearings) but I replaced the axle anyway. I'll sell it cheap if you're interested. Where are you located?
Sorry been out of town for the last two days.

I'll try to get some after work today. Got softball tournaments all weekend again this weekend so might be first of next week before I can get them.
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