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Rancher Hitch Angle

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I recently put a tiger tail recovery rope on my Rancher and it looks as if my hitch is bent. Can you guys confirm that it is either bent or if this is just the normal angle?

2007 TRX420FE 4x4 SRA

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Yep that's how my 2" receiver is on the Rancher. Just part of having an SRA. Uncompressed rear suspension and the hitch angles down, compressed mid-way it's almost level, and compressed all the way its level and almost slightly pointed up.

I don't like that's how they make the receiver hitches, and in hindsight I should have not bought mine and just made my own at a slightly more upward angle.

Nothing wrong or bent with yours though.

Thanks guys!

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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