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Rancher ES (not a problem yet)

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Hello Everyone,

I'm really enjoying the forum and reading different posts. The last one I read said if your ES doesn't have problems it will eventually. Well, that got me to thinking "is there something I can do preventively?" So I asked and the one response was to have a good maintenance plan.

Can someone advise what specifically I should do to keep the ES maintained? Should I order and have on hand a few spare parts for the ES?

Any thoughts or experiences?

I spent about 45 minutes reading and watching youtube videos about what might become a problem.

Thanks and have a good day.

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Here ya go... click this link an' read that post, then click on the link inside it and follow every direction in both of those.

Don't ever put lithium grease under the reduction gears cover or inside the bearings, use synthetic bearing grease only. Lithium grease from the factory is just one of the big problems you gotta fix.

Incidentally, I tore that bike down for a winter maintenance session a while back and guess what...? Yap, you guessed it! The Mobil 1 grease that I used everywhere remained on all of those parts exactly where I put it... they were all still soaking wet with grease and looked like the bike had not even been used yet! The interior of the shift motor was still perfectly clean too, no wear whatsoever! Every support bearing held onto its grease repacking too. None of those good things are ever gonna happen to you if you follow Honda's advice and put that crappy grease in them!

If you're serious about making your ES bike reliable and trouble-free, thar's the best recipe for it right there. And the best part about that guide is ya only gotta do the work once per every 10-15 years or so. :)

Have fun!
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