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Rancher ES (not a problem yet)

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Hello Everyone,

I'm really enjoying the forum and reading different posts. The last one I read said if your ES doesn't have problems it will eventually. Well, that got me to thinking "is there something I can do preventively?" So I asked and the one response was to have a good maintenance plan.

Can someone advise what specifically I should do to keep the ES maintained? Should I order and have on hand a few spare parts for the ES?

Any thoughts or experiences?

I spent about 45 minutes reading and watching youtube videos about what might become a problem.

Thanks and have a good day.

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What the guys above said, and most importantly, verify that your emergency shifter is on the bike, so if you do have ES problems, you can manually shift it to get you home. Then you don't have to worry about the wife getting mad at you.
... not getting mad about the quad not shifting anyways lols...

Keep your battery on a tender and it should last at least five years. I lent my 350ES to another shop lead—didn’t keep it plugged in; the battery failed within 3 years.
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