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Hey guys,
New to the forum. Helping a friend with a problem on his 2016 Rancher 2wd ES. Believe its a 420, the manual shift lever is a straight handle. During a recent ride the atv began to abruptly quit at idle. Not dying due to a fuel issue, basically it's like throwing your manual transmission car into gear without ever pressing in on the clutch. When it's stopped running, you can shift back to neutral just fine, starts and idles great in neutral, hit the shift up button and it jerks and dies. If you hit the gas just as you shift up, you can get going and run through the gears just like normal. But if you let it come back down to idle, in any gear, it will jerk and die. Just like stalling a car. I found another post on a different site advising to take the manual shift lever and hold up on it like you're shifting and rev the motor, hopefully causing the clutches to disengage, but no luck. After doing that get the 2 flash code indicating shift issue, but that only happens after I tried the fix, not all the time. Any thoughts? is this an expensive repair? Thank you so much for any guidance you can give. Erik
P.S. this atv may have been run a lot in low gears, he wouldn't let his kids get it above 2nd gear.
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